Guaranteed Rental Income!

February 16, 2009

In this significant  financial climate, it is difficult for landlords to find a tenant who will have guaranteed stable income for the full term of their contracted lease. Also,  more and more landlords are finding  themselves pinching pennies to come up with a monthly mortgage payment, either for their rentals or for their personal homes.  It is no wonder the savvy Landlords (like yourself!) are flocking to in hopes of finding a HUD Section 8 assisted tenant.  It is a very desirable situation:  GUARANTEED RENTAL INCOME.

While our new President is planning  for our great Nation’s huge future comeback, here we are in the present moment,  doing what we must do to get through to the next day.  Hang in there, and rest assured that once at the bottom, the only way to go is back UP!

Now that you are here, let us get you started!

In order to rent to a Section 8 recipient, you must first LIST YOUR PROPERTY. There is no initial application or registration process just to rent to a section 8 tenant.    The bottom line:  The only thing that makes your property Section 8, is the Section 8 Tenant that will reside in your rental.  That is why you must list your property and find a tenant first.

There are three easy and FREE ways to list your property

ONLINE:  Simply log on to the website, and click where it says, “List your rental for free” on the top left hand corner.  The site will take you through the steps to register as a landlord and to list your properties.

FAX:  Call 866-466-7328 and have the property listing form faxed to you.  Fill out the form and fax it back to 561-416-9848, and we will list your property for you, for free!

MAIL:  Call 866-466-7328 and press 2.  Follow the instructions and mail you listing in to be listed!

Currently, we are taking listings over the phone for a $20 listing charge, payable by credit card over the phone.  Call 866-466-7328 and one of out helpful customer service agents will be happy to list your property over the phone.

You may also notice upon listing your properties, that we offer optional PREMIUM memberships.  You may find that upgrading will prove especially beneficial to you, as more and more landlords are listing their available properties,  and there are actually more properties listed than there are tenants looking.  Upgrading gives you a significant competitive edge over just a free listing.  Please read below for the exceptional benefits:

All Premium Memberships include the following benefits

  • QuikMatchTM Tenant Locator: Located on the Landlord Home Page. Easily search for section 8 tenants actively seeking rental housing. You will also receive an email alert the moment a new renter seeking housing has registered if they match your listing.
  • Featured Property: Showcase your listing in our featured property section: Prominently displayed with photos on the main search page. Your property’s photograph will be seen before users search for other properties.
  • Add Photos: Easily upload an unlimited number of pictures for each listing.  A thumbnail photo will appear in the search results.  Premium listings with thumbnail photos generate about 5 times as many views as free listings.
  • Preferred Listing Placement: Premium Member’s listings  are always at the top of the list and feature more property information making it more likely a tenant will view your listing first.
  • Automatic Email Alerts to Tenants: All premium listings are automatically emailed to prospective tenants moments after they are listed.

You may find that listing as a free member is how you would like to proceed, and that is great too!  Your listing will be listed online and also in the local Housing Authorities.  Tenants will have access to your contact information and will be able to call you or email you if they are interested in your property.

On behalf of The Team, we hope you have the very best of luck in renting out your property and finding a quality tenant.  We will be happy to assist you in any possible way that we can to make the process faster and easier for you.


Applying for Section 8 Assistance?

February 16, 2009

Hello future prospective tenants!  If you have come to our website,, for more information on how to apply for Section8, please let me guide you in the right direction!

In order to apply for Section 8, you must call your local Housing Authority and ask if they are currently accepting new applications.  You may retrieve their contact information by simply clicking on the link below.  Once on the page, simply click on your state on the map and look for your city or county on the list.

Click Here:

Please do not be discouraged if the waiting period is very long, it is still very important to get your name on the list, and you will be very thankful you did when you are next in line!

The very best of luck to everyone!

The Gosection8 Team

An Oil Spill

May 6, 2008

Yesterday I pulled in to a gas station.

Finding myself in a legitimately good disposition, (I had been working so hard through final week at school, and had found out I aced a couple of exams!). I got out of my car and walked to the pump and read out loud: “three-seventy-seven”.

An immediate turn for the worse: In my mind I pictured an empty wallet, a zero balance on my bank statement, my car stranded on the highway. Three-seventy-seven!?

I looked around at the dismal crowd pumping gas: A guy next to his Hummer banging his head against the bumper, a poor old lady at the cashier digging at the bottom of her purse for pennies. Expressions of defeat and surrender.

All over the news the anchors say how it is not going to get any better any time soon. There is a News Team at every gas station across the country focusing stage-center: those incredibly astronomical numbers. I sit at home and watch news story after news story, the apologetic expressions on Brian Willam’s face, Katie Couric’s regretful tone. And then the weather comes on and we can think about something else for a minute, but it is always hanging in the back of my mind.

I think of how it is spreading its effect all over. Food prices, air travel, recreation. An inflated taxation barrel hit the middle of a serene lake and its ripples are reaching the shores on all of our doorsteps. It’s an oil spill.

Whether I get political or not, one thing is for sure: Things have to change! Especially for those we dedicate this website: the assisted families, the ones in need of a helping hand out of poverty. How can we expect them to get better paying jobs when the facilitation works against them to even GET to their job? This is the reason why Section 8 was initially created, to address the inflation and rising costs of living.

I know I usually write blogs with the hopes of creating better days, instilling hope in the hearts of those disheartened. I would like to look the other way when I watch the news and tell myself, no , things WILL get better. The US will fight it, we’ll elect someone who will fight for us.

And then, the weather comes on.

Want to own your own home?

April 3, 2008

Home ownership is one of the major focuses of HUD’s purpose.  It is paramount in the design towards the eventual self sufficiency of the tenants. 

If you are a tenant that wants more information on how HUD helps those who are interested in owning their own home, or if you are a landlord who wants to rent with option to buy and wants to help your tenants through the process, PLEASE CLICK HERE:  This page lists all the steps necessary to get started on the path to purchasing a home.

 Good Luck!!!

On the Track to Self Sufficiency!

March 17, 2008

The more the government makes an investment into society, the more that success can breathe into the lives of those who benefit- especially when the investment puts primary importance towards the long term. I am always pleased to read news about government funded grants being awarded to programs (like HUD) that are aimed at lifting poverty- stricken US citizens from the burdens of being unskilled and uneducated.  What the government is trying to tell them, and all of us, is that there is hope and a solution.

There is a special grant that is awarded to Housing Authorities that succeed in placing their primary focus on the eventual self-sufficiency of living assisted tenants.  It is called ROSS (Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency Program). On March 4th, 2008, a $50 million grant was awarded to Housing Authorities across the United States.   The larger portion of the grant money will be used to supplement already existing programs that provide job and computer training to assisted residents and their families, as well as home-ownership counseling.  The smaller portion of the grant will go towards the disabled and elderly residents, and will provide them with health and wellness programs, meal services and transportation to medical services. 

I often wonder if the assisted residents know about all of the options there are for them, and that there are so many people working in the system for them with the same primary focus: to help them eventually become successful members in our society.  They should know and they should be told!

I would like to dedicate this Blog to all of the decision makers and planners, all of those who implement and all those accountable for conceiving the vision of such a large scale and universal design for success.  Cheers! 

Leap Year: a day in error.

March 4, 2008

I know I wasn’t the only one that woke up last Friday morning with an odd feeling in the back of my mind. I saw it all over the morning news, confirming that today doesn’t really exist. It’s an anomaly, a once-every-four-years chance to break free from normality and quite possibly, every existing responsibility. Fat chance!

Normal day: Get up, go to work. Okay.

But then the troublesome phone calls started pouring in all over the country from concerned Housing Authorities. We were going crazy trying to figure out why they were receiving error messages when trying to navigate through their portals on the site. Our Gosection8 Programming Team investigated and brainstormed. Nothing was wrong with the codes, the links, the very structure that makes our site the best site it can be. We weren’t responsible. Then who was?

Microsoft. That’s who!

You would think that the smartest people on the planet (excluding the Gosection8 Team and all of you reading this, of course!) would be in favor of yielding to the ever-sensitive schedule of the seasons, stars and the universe, of all other things! (FYI: Leap year was created to accommodate the length of the solar year, which is slightly less than 365¼ days—by about 11 minutes. To compensate for this discrepancy, the leap year is omitted three times every four hundred years.)

Server errors, glitches, maladies, inefficiencies- in the system we rely on, all the cause for the disruption on this day, that we all just wanted to go away, anyway!

Well, they have four more years to get it right. We will see.

HUD’s Side Jobs

February 22, 2008


As you guys have already seen  in one of my previous posts, I explained in depth about HUD’s ulterior motive that lies behind the bureaucracy and technicalities of the whole Section 8 system and process. (See blog post “Idealism and Section8 – it Works!”) In that post, I revealed that the directive is mainly idealistic and pointed towards progress. But, that wasn’t the whole story!

HUD, (The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) has its side jobs too!

Sticking to the objective of trying to save the world through the development of affordable housing, HUD has subsidiaries with a similar aim, but on the educational level.

The goal is to integrate computer technology into the lives of assisted tenants and their children. It is now well-known that mostly everything is done on the computer and online. Most correspondence is performed through email, and almost every prospective employer requires of their employees full knowledge of various and complex computer applications. That’s where Neighborhood Networks comes in.

1995 – Around that time is when we can safely say that the internet started booming. And that is when the future of technological advances could be seen far off- especially in the eyes of the HUD/Section 8 visionaries. It was in this year that HUD developed Neighborhood Networks.

HUD is proud to claim Neighborhood Networks as one of the first federally funded initiatives dedicated towards the prospect of the self sufficiency of housing assistance recipients. The program’s main goals are to: “Improve computer access, advance literacy, prepare residents to take advantage of employment opportunities and to provide access to healthcare information and other social services.” The program even offers after-school programs for children and career counseling for adults!

More than a decade later, this widely successful program can be found in Housing Authorities and in other privately and publicly funded locations all over the country!

If you readers were not privy of this information beforehand, I will refer you to the website where you can read up on new developments, and find a location near you!

Click here for all the info you need:

End note to Landlords: By sharing this information, it is my hope that I will transfer some of my feelings of social responsibility and maybe you will share this information to your future section8 tenants! What do you have to lose?